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Can You Use a Gua Sha After a Face Mask?

Can You Use a Gua Sha After a Face Mask?

Yes, you can certainly use a gua sha after a face mask. However, before you do– apply a skincare product like facial oil, serum, or moisturizer. This will allow the gua sha to gently glide over your face. Not only will the massage feel oh-so good, but it’ll also gently work these products into your skin so that the active ingredients are most effective.

Benefits of using a gua sha after a face mask

A hydrating face mask contains powerful ingredients like marine collagen, green tea extract, and hyaluronic acid. However, to truly allow these potent ingredients to work their magic, they need to be worked deeper into the skin. When you use a gua sha after a face mask, you’re helping your skin absorb those active ingredients.

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Gua sha massage is highly effective for de-puffing the skin. It encourages lymphatic drainage, sculpts and contours the lines of the face, reduces inflammation, and even softens wrinkles. You’ll get optimal results if you use potent skincare products like a collagen mask before the massage.

How to use the gua sha after a face mask

It’s always important to cleanse the skin thoroughly before performing a face massage with the gua sha tool. Some skincare experts even recommend double-cleansing as it ensures that all impurities and make-up residue are removed. For example, you can cleanse the skin with an oil-based cleanser first, followed by a cream cleanser.

After this step, apply a hydrating collagen face mask that suits your particular skincare goals. If anti-aging is your concern, for instance, then choose a mask with active ingredients designed to firm and lift skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.. Follow the mask’s instructions regarding the length of time to leave it in place. 

Then, apply a facial serum, oil, or moisturizer. As noted above, it will allow the gua sha to glide smoothly over your face while it works the product deep into the skin. However, you may need to periodically reapply these products. The trick is to ensure the skin doesn’t dry out, as this can lead to tugging and skin irritation when using the gua sha. 

Use Reiki energy-infused gua sha tools by KNESKO

The benefits of using a gua sha facial tool aren’t limited to the physical massage. The gua sha can confer special healing or energizing properties. Made with ethically-sourced rose quartz, the heart rose quartz gua sha from KNESKO is a luxurious self-care product that rebalances the chakras and leaves you open to healing and self-love. 

At KNESKO, we embrace holistic skincare to enhance both inner and outer beauty. Rejuvenate your soul and your body today.

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