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Does a Gua Sha Tool Really Work?

Does a Gua Sha Tool Really Work?

Yes, it does and here’s why– gua sha tools work by stimulating the dermis layer of the skin, improving its elasticity, boosting circulation, and relaxing tense muscles. 

So, what exactly is a gua sha? The beauty trick typically involves scraping a flat piece of jade or rose quartz (the gua sha tool) against your face in upward strokes to promote relaxation and tissue drainage.

You’ve probably already seen influencers and celebrities demonstrating their gua sha tools on Instagram. Just a quick glimpse of before and after photos would have anyone wanting to immediately try it out for themselves! But before you start taking advantage of gua sha, here’s what you need to know.

What is gua sha?

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese healing practice. According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, your qi, or energy, must flow throughout your body. When your qi becomes stagnant, health problems can arise. With gua sha, a practitioner will use a smooth-edged tool all over the body wherever inflammation occurs (where qi is stagnant) to promote healing. 

In modern skincare, gua sha involves a gentler approach. Using a smaller version of the traditional gua sha tool, you apply pressure over your face, firmly scraping the tool across your skin in long strokes.

How does gua sha work?

To try gua sha at home, wash your face and apply facial oil to smooth your skin. Then, hold your gua sha tool at a 45-degree angle, scraping in an upward and outward motion. If you want to reap the full benefits of it, try incorporating it into your skincare ritual for a few minutes each day.

The tool works its magic by promoting microcirculation and helping to drain the lymphatic system, which helps to reduce inflammation. In turn, regular usage of gua sha can depuff and lift your face while reducing the appearance of fine lines. 

People who’ve incorporated gua sha into their regular routine typically notice these skin benefits, along with reduced tension, especially in the jaw area. Just a few minutes a day are that’s needed to support firmer, brighter, more healthy-looking skin.  

How do you choose the right gua sha tool?

When it comes to gua sha, some believe that certain gemstones are more suited to specific people and their skincare issues or spiritual needs. For example, the cooling properties of jade can help balance the skin, while rose quartz is more suited for healing inflamed, acne-prone skin.

Some common types of gua sha gemstones and their benefits include:

  • Rose quartz: Considered an emotional healer, rose quartz can help detox, lift, and soften fine lines. It’s also ideal for restoring feelings of love, letting go of negativity, and cultivating self-compassion.
  • Jade: Jade helps balance your inner energy, reduces inflammation, and promotes lymphatic function. Jade tools typically have more resistance against the skin, so they help maximize your contouring and lifting results.
  • Amethyst: Because it emits negative ions, amethyst is believed to ward off negativity and stress. It helps release muscle tension, especially in the jaw and temples.

Transform your skincare ritual

At KNESKO, our holistic skincare products heal your skin from within. Our gua sha tools are charged with Reiki energy to nourish your mind, body, and soul while increasing lymphatic drainage and circulation.

Our entire range of best-in-class beauty products features consciously selected gemstones to balance different chakras and promote positive intentions. Enhance your self-care routine with gua sha and one of our gemstone-infused masks or serums, and you’ll benefit from skin and spirit rejuvenation. 

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