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One Tree Planted, Our Planet, and You

One Tree Planted, Our Planet, and You

The simplest definition of “eco-friendly” is acting with the intent of not harming the environment.. As we all know, how we treat the earth needs to change.

This means eco-friendly practices for us as individuals, as well as changes for how businesses and communities interact with our planet.

From turning off the lights when not in use and separating your recycling to using sustainable charcoal face masks, there are many ways to be both eco-friendly and sustainable.

The best place to start is becoming aware of how your choices are affecting the environment. First, consider what you’re consuming—and make some simple changes to use products that cause little or no harm on our planet. Then, learn more about your entire carbon footprint, and take steps towards reducing it. Lastly, consider what brands and organizations you support, and choose those who protect the earth and support our natural resources—like One Tree Planted!

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a nonprofit organization with a simple mission: support the environment by planting trees.

The organization originally began in 2014, and has since doubled the number of trees it plants every year! They work with a range of reforestation partners who help them get trees in the ground. Not only does this restore forests after natural disasters, but it also helps to create jobs, build communities, and protect beautiful and diverse habitats.


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One Tree Planted works by partnering with reforestation organizations in four main regions, North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Individuals or organizations then choose projects to donate to within each region. One Tree Planted pools all donations for each project in each region and then sends the funds to the various reforestation partners so they can get the trees in the ground.

$1.00 donated equals 1 planted tree. It’s that simple, and it works. One Tree Planted has planted 92M trees since 2014 and doubling their impact each year!

Why Is Planting Trees So Important?

Trees do so much for us and the world around us. Not only do they provide homes to over 80% of the world’s plants, animals, and insects, but they also help filter water, clean the air, and create jobs for over 1.6 billion people. Plus, trees are vital components in about 25% of all medicines and can even help reduce stress and anxiety—as you probably know after a forest walk or camping trip.

One Tree Planted summarizes a tree’s importance with six pillars:

  • Air

  • Water

  • Biodiversity

  • Social Impact

  • Health

  • Climate

So then, it’s safe to say that planting a single tree can do a whole lot of good in our world.

Our Partnership with One Tree Planted

If you’re looking to do your part for the planet, KNESKO is here to help. Beyond our eco-friendly face mask treatments, Knesko has committed to supporting reforestation efforts as a way to combat climate change and protect biodiversity. Since 2021, we have planted 10,000 trees — and we aim to double our donation every year with your help. For every product sold on our site, we will plant one tree on your behalf. On Earth Day (April 22), we launched our new Green Jade Calm collection which is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for One Tree Planted with an extra donation per purchase. Join us on this journey!

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