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Which Gemstone Face Roller is Best?

Which Gemstone Face Roller is Best?

At KNESKO, we find our collection of gemstone rollers to be a lot like a jewelry box full of precious gems and jewels. The same way you carefully select which piece of jewelry best fits your outfit and the purpose of your day, our gemstone rollers are designed to be interchanged to match the continuously changing needs of your skin and your spirit, providing the nourishment and energy your body is calling for.

The best way to uncover which face roller is best for you, though, is to understand the powers behind each one.

Rose Quartz Antioxidant – Calm & Soothe
Rose Quarts is a powerful stone that promotes universal love. It purifies and opens your heart, helping you increase your compassion toward others and yourself. It also has great properties that increase circulation to your skin, promote the production of collagen, calms sensitive skin, and promotes lymphatic drainage, which helps to remove waste and toxins from your body.

If you choose the Rose Quarts Gemstone Roller, you can expect to open your heart chakra, balance your chi and experience rejuvenated, healthy skin. We recommend pairing this roller with our rose quartz face mask and repeating the affirmation “I open my heart to all types of love” during application.

Black Obsidian Detox – Protect & Detoxify
Black Obsidian is the ultimate protection stone, helping to clean and protect your aura from negative energy, mental stress, tension and psychic attacks. Because this stone is associated with your root chakra, it can offer powerful grounding qualities that make you feel more clear, balanced and secure. It can also help to tighten pores, balance your skin tone, cleanse and remove toxins and impurities from your skin, and leave you feeling refreshed.

To promote further releasing and shielding, each obsidian is Reiki-charged. As you roll the tool over your skin, repeat the affirmation “I release all negative thoughts and emotions.” We suggest pairing the Black Obsidian Gemstone Roller with our charcoal face mask to make the most of your facial experience.

Green Jade Repair – Tone & Define
Paired with our gold face mask, the Green Jade Gemstone Roller can help to boost your confidence, increase your spirituality, enhance your intuition, balance your heart chakra and open your third eye. Your skin will benefit from its ability to help tone and firm skin cells, calm puffiness, stimulate collagen production, increase elasticity and promote cell turn over.

The jade stone has been used for ages as a way to attract good luck, good friends, and good energy. To enhance its power, state your positive affirmation, “I attract wealth, love and wisdom.”

White Jade Radiance – Contour & Refresh
The White Jade stone—believed to strengthen your mind while promoting peace, harmony and luck—is the perfect pair with our diamond face mask, which taps into the imagination, spirituality and positive energy of your crown chakra. It is also a powerful stone that helps to cool and refresh tired skin, contour face muscles, lessen the appearance of dark circles, and brighten your complexion.

Those who choose this gemstone roller are typically searching for a holistic experience that realigns their body and spirit, revitalized their skin, and brings a sense of peacefulness into their lives. To increase the harmonizing effects of the White Jade Gemstone Roller, you should repeat the affirmation “I enjoy peace and harmony in all areas of my life” while using it.

As you can see, choosing the perfect gemstone face roller is a personal experience for each person. We encourage each of our clients to experiment with the beautiful line of KNESKO gemstone facial rollers and face masks to build a collection that allows you to address the energy and care your skin and spirit is calling for.

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