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Crystals for Skin

Crystals for Skin

Lately, more and more beauty mavens are turning to using crystals in their skincare routines. These natural, beautiful gemstones have been used for thousands of years to support spiritual healing, skin health, and overall wellness. But how do crystals work, and what can they do for your skin?

Crystals for Beauty

Crystals are unique stones comprised of atoms or molecules joined in repeating, geometric patterns. These formations are not only beautiful to behold, but each one vibrates at a specific frequency. Crystals can act almost as a tuning fork to reset “off” vibrations in our bodies, creating positive changes in mindset, temperament, body, and even the skin. Every crystal holds a unique vibration.  Crystals with strong detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties are particularly effective at producing the kind of visible results that today’s beauty and wellness followers love so much.

How to Use Crystals for Skin Care

 The benefits of incorporating crystals into your skincare routine begin with the intention you set to activate the energy within the stone. The crystal acts as a conduit of that energy, transferring it to the surface of the skin. Crystal face rollers are an excellent tool for this purpose.

KNESKO’s entire crystal face rollers product line is formulated around four power crystals that we carefully hand-selected for their exceptional powers to heal and recenter the body, mind, soul, and skin:

  • Rose Quartz – Rose quartz symbolizes love in all its forms, including self-love and acceptance. As you roll the gemstone over your skin, you’ll feel the soft loving energy of the rose quartz calm and soothe your body from the inside out. With your Heart Chakra balanced and fully open, you’ll notice a feeling of total rejuvenation and healthy glowing skin.
  • Green Jade – Green jade is all about strength. It’s long been associated with abundance and wealth and can help boost your confidence by balancing your Third Eye Chakra, the source of your intuition. Honor your intuition as you glide the jade roller across your skin. In just a short time, that energy will penetrate the skin for toned and defined facial muscles, reduced puffiness, increased elasticity, and efficient cell turn over.
  • White Jade – A symbol of luck, white jade guides you to a higher frequency of inner peace. As it balances the Crown Chakra, it sparks positivity and spirituality and fosters a sense of connectedness to the universe. After performing a self-care skin ritual with a white jade roller, notice how the skin appears more contoured, refreshed, and illuminated.
  • Black Obsidian – The power of black obsidian resides in its ability to remove negative energy such as fear, anxiety, and anger. As it balances the Root Chakra, this beautiful black glass crystal fosters grounding, clarity, and control of our destiny. As you rid your body of negativity, the skin itself is detoxified and balanced for a more even skin tone, tightened pores, and overall invigoration.

We also know that the human body and soul changes daily, and your needs from one day to the next will never be the same. We encourage you to experience our full product line to see how KNESKO fits into your life.

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