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Clever Ideas for Valentine’s Day: Celebrating the KNESKO Way

Clever Ideas for Valentine’s Day: Celebrating the KNESKO Way


Valentine’s Day is often filled with gourmet boxes of assorted chocolates, fragrant bouquets of seasonal blossoms, and fancy candlelit dinners in hushed dining rooms. These are all beautiful ways to express your love and affection, but we believe this holiday also lends itself to so much more.

“At KNESKO, Valentine’s Day represents all kinds of love—including the romantic kind—but also friendship and self-love,” says Lejla Cas, co-founder of KNESKO. “It’s a day to embrace and nourish all sides of yourself and your relationships through playfulness, expressions of adoration, and intentional time.” 

With that philosophy in mind, here are three ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day the KNESKO way. 

Besties Night In 

A night in with your best friends spells F-U-N. Put all the finishing touches on your charcuterie board (or whip up a delicious meal), hit play on a mood-boosting playlist, and clink glasses filled with your favorite beverages.

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Skincare Moment: Break open KNESKO’s Luxe Face Mask Kit (or the Luxe Masking Klutch for larger groups) and have each guest take their pick. To keep it simpler, pick out an on-theme Collagen Lip Mask for each friend.

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Romantic Spa Night 

Whether you’re coming up with a post-date game plan or simply want to keep this Valentine’s Day low key,  you can't miss with an at-home spa night. It’s the perfect way to decompress, get intimate, and enjoy each other’s company. 

Skincare Moment: For a cute mine and yours moment, take turns giving each other gentle face massages and then apply the luxurious Rose Quartz and Black Pearl collagen face masks. For an extra luxurious moment, follow up with a few drops of KNESKO’s silky, gem-infused serums.

Self-Love Celebration

There’s never a bad time to invest in yourself, but there’s something about Valentine’s Day that makes a little self-care feel especially appropo. Take some intentional time to invest in yourself, whether that means cracking open a good book, binging your favorite TV series, or meditating. 

Skincare Moment: Put on a plush robe and tap into your heart chakra with KNESKO’s luxurious Rose Quartz “I Am Love” Skin Rescue Kit, which includes a premium collagen face mask, eye mask, and gemstone serum. Round out your skincare experience with our heart-shaped Rose Quartz Gua Sha tool, which promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage.

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