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It’s Wedding Season! 7 Wedding Skincare Tips to Glow From Head to Toe

It’s Wedding Season! 7 Wedding Skincare Tips to Glow From Head to Toe

Those wedding invites went out months ago, but now the big event is right around the corner. With all those photo opps and run-ins with your social circle, it makes perfect sense to want to look nothing short of radiant. Achieving a glowing complexion involves more than just a bit of makeup, though. You’ve got to put in some work behind the scenes to get your skin from head to toe healthy, nourished, and glowing.

Whether you're a guest, in the wedding party, or getting married yourself, these essential wedding skincare tips will ensure you look picture perfect from first looks and I Do’s all the way through last call.

1. Exfoliate to Nix Dull, Dry Skin

Commit to exfoliating your skin in the days leading up to the wedding. This helps melt away dead skin cell buildup (which makes skin look dehydrated and lackluster), allows other skincare products to apply more easily, and helps your wedding day makeup look flawless. KNESKO's Black Pearl Resurfacing Serum takes your complexion from dull to dazzling via a gentle but effective blend of alpha hydroxy acids, including lactic acid, glycolic acid, and mandelic acid.

2. Treat Yourself to an At-Home Facial

Routine skincare is a non-negotiable, which includes daily cleansing and moisturizing. Go the extra mile by giving yourself an at-home facial either the evening before or the day of depending on the timing of the wedding.

  1. Start with a gentle wash using your preferred cleanser.
  2. Follow up with a hydrating product, like Amethyst Hydrate Serum. This silky serum is formulated with a blend of hyaluronic acids to visibly plump at different layers of the skin, as well as squalane and ceramides to bolster the skin barrier.
  3. Apply a luxe face mask. One of our favorites for weddings and events is the Green Jade Calm Face Mask since it soothes away any redness or irritation via seaweed, probiotics, and tiger grass. Bonus: Green Jade Powder is a noble jewel that's associated with good luck. The happy couple will appreciate you taking some with you.
  4. Finish with your preferred moisturizer, if desired.

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3. Apply a Brightening, Illuminating Serum

Before applying any makeup, use a hydrating serum that’s got some build-in glow factor. Not only is KNESKO’s Diamond Radiance Serum a perfect fit for nuptials, but the genuine diamond powder brightens skin, blurs imperfections, and restores radiance instantly.

4. Drench Yourself in Superior Body Care Treatments

Warm weather weddings often mean exposed skin, so don’t forget to nurture your body from the neck and below. Scientifically formulated with a peptide complex, caffeine, niacinamide, and real gold, Gold Repair Body Serum delivers sculpted and luminous skin from the neck down. Follow up with Gold Repair Body Cream to deeply moisturize and enjoy cashmere-soft skin.

Don't forget to treat hands and feet with the Gold Repair Hand Mask and Gold Repair Foot Mask. These thick and luxurious masks are made with hydrolyzed marine collagen and drenched in a transformative serum to nourish this thin, dry, and often neglected skin.

5. Try Dry Brushing and Gua Sha

Level up your body care routine by dry brushing your body and using the gua sha technique on your face. Dry brushing exfoliates skin, stimulates lymphatic drainage, improves circulation, and promotes a smoother, radiant complexion. Gua sha involves gently massaging (“scraping”) skin with a gua sha tool to help improve circulation, reduce puffiness, ease tension, and sculpt facial contours. People swear by both!

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6. Carry a Hydrating Mist & Blotting Powders

Having a few sidekicks at-the-ready is a secret all the professional skincare pros and makeup artists swear by. We recommend adding a hydrating mist and/or some blotting powders so you can keep yourself in tip-top shape through the I Do’s, cake cutting, and group dances.

7. Nourish Yourself From the Inside Out

We often think about what we can do to look better on the outside, but when our bodies are healthy and we feel aligned it can help us beam from the inside out. Try to limit salt and processed foods on the days leading up to the wedding, stay hydrated, and set aside some intentional moments of self-care to reflect, meditate, and re-align. All KNESKO products are made with real gemstones and minerals and are infused with healing Reiki energy designed to rebalance your mind, spirit, and soul.

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